IRS reminds foreign bank and financial account holders the FBAR deadline remains April 15

Individual State Tax Deadlines 

As we all heard yesterday, the federal government has extended the tax deadline to May 17 as it pertains to federal income taxes with the exception of Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas residents who were granted until June 15 due to the impact of winter storms this February. However, each state is left to make their own decision when it comes to state income tax deadlines. And while taxpayers can still request an extension and wait to file until October 15, states do not necessarily abide by the same extension dates as the federal government, so tax preparers should be aware of those clients who are dragging their feet. Filing early and electronically is the best chance for them to receive their refund via direct deposit and as soon as possible.

Here are the states that have announced tax deadlines so far.

Individual State Tax Deadlines 

Alabama – May 17

Alaska – No state income tax

California – May 17

Colorado – May 17

Connecticut – May 17

Florida – No state income tax

Georgia – May 17

Idaho – May 17 pending

Illinois – May 17

Kentucky – May 17

Louisiana – June 15

Maine – May 17

Maryland – July 15

Massachusetts – May 17 pending

Montana – May 17

Nevada – No state income tax

New Mexico – May 17

North Carolina – May 17

North Dakota – May 17

Oklahoma – June 15

Oregon – May 17

Pennsylvania – May 17

South Carolina – May 17

South Dakota – No state income tax

Texas – No state income tax

Utah – May 17

Vermont – May 17

Virginia – May 17

Washington – No state income tax

West Virginia – May 17

Wisconsin – May 17

Wyoming – No state income tax

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